Helen Beard Art Inspiration

Review of her best works.

Helen Beard Art

Contemporary art

Born in Birmingham 1971, Helen studied at Bournemouth and Poole college of Art and Design, graduating in 1992.

After graduating Helen worked as a freelance wardrobe stylist and assistant art director in the film industry for 15 years. Whilst continuing her art practise, working in various mediums including paint, collage and needlepoint. As well as making sculptures and installations. She now lives and works in Brighton.

The work explores themes set within a broader context of relationships and sex. Recent large colour field oil paintings of closely cropped sexual images, are drawn from pornographic material, but subverted into colourful joyous works. They take back ownership of sexual imagery from the predominately male gaze of the photographic or video image, and portray sex in a technicolour palette of stylized shapes, textured with a myraid of fluid brushstrokes that stroke the skin of those depicted, like fingers on skin. Her needlepoint works use the same subject matter but as this is often seen as a female pursuit it adds further poignancy.